With panoramic terrace

The restaurant of Hotel Eden is also open to tourists and lovers of good food in general. It is equipped with large indoor spaces and a panoramic outdoor terrace from which to admire the surrounding landscape.

The management is familiar and the rooms are made of wood, to warm the atmosphere in summer and winter and to make guests feel at home.


From the ground to the table

The restaurant is our flagship! The rule is: on the table only genuine products! That's why we have our own vegetable garden and our own chicken coop and we grow vegetables and small fruits. We want to make sure that everything we cook is healthy, genuine and at km 0, even with the utmost attention to intolerances. From cakes, jams, cold cuts, cheeses: everything is local and the result of local productions.

Agriculture and gastronomy are two sectors that go hand in hand and in every ancient recipe or dish of tradition, there are thousands of years old knowledge and flavours.

DElight the palate

The tradition in the dish

Valle Camonica has a culinary tradition that is based on ancient crops and productions but that has been able to innovate by experimenting with new flavors and opening up a sophisticated cuisine and above all, healthy.

Casoncelli, pizzoccheri, polenta, game, our vegetables, homemade desserts. The menu is rich and is tailored for every occasion: birthdays, conscripts dinners, special occasions.