A “WORLD”peak

The Pontedilegno-Tonale ski resort is one of the most famous and appreciated ski destinations in the entire alpine area.It is located on the border between Lombardy and Trentino and offers a unique ski carousel of 100 km of slopes (42 slopes and 28 lifts) surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Park.

Conquer the summit, skize a glacier and feel at the top of the world.
These are the emotions that you experience when you ski mountaineering; shops where you can rent equipment and an alpine guide, if you are a beginner of the discipline, will help you live an adventure exciting on the soft snow of our mountains; however, there are numerous ascents that are safe and easy to deal with for the first few times.

The Adamello area is now known worldwide thanks to the Adamelloski Raid World Cup race.
The competition is part of the La Grande Course circuit and has hosted the most important champions in several editions.



Skiing off piste is the best way to experience our mountains in winter; a paradise for freeriders from all over the world.Alpine guides and ski instructors will help you learn about the open and unspoilt of our mountains.

The Shipyard, the Sgualdrina, the Devil's Canalino and many other wild trails await you for an adrenaline white adventure!

In the Pontedilegno-Tonale area, where you can find some of the most evocative off-piste in all the Alps, you can experience the magic of freeride in safety.
The lifts are only used to take you to altitude quickly and then you move away from the track to launch into a white world, muffled, made of dusty snow and great silences.



Are you a cross-country skiinglover? A series of routes that will make your stay unique.
The most organized is the Vermiglio circuit: 22 km of route with various difficulties and rings to face for the fun of the whole family. The center has a rental and it is possible to ski even at night!

Then there is a suggestive circuit that runs along the river and enters the forest 5 km long and is located in the middle of Val Sozzine valley, in Ponte di Legno.
Another possibility is to ski in Valbione, surrounded by an enchanting and unparalleled landscape!



The “Leolandia Fantaski” is the playground on the snow dedicated to children of all ages of the Passo del Tonale, open every day in the winter season from 9.00 to 17.00 .
It is located next to the Scoiattolo track in a position easily accessible from the road and the slopes. Within the “Fantaski Leolandia” there are ski lessons for beginners from the ski schools Tonale-Presena and Ponte-Tonale, but it is also accessible individually by children accompanied by the parents.

It includes a ski area and a play area.In the ski area there will be a treadmill to help the little girls climb up the track.
In the play area you will find an area with inflatable games, toboggan run and baby-snowtubing, mobile and various snow games.
In addition, the FANTASKI provides two important services for the family, the MINICLUB and theBABYINGS.



If you are a motor lover in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area you can have fun and experience the thrill of speed sitting on a snowmobile.
You can go along the circuit or take part in organized trips that end with tasty typical dinners in the mountain huts on the ski slopes.

If your thirst for adventure needs gas, you're in the right place: a snowmobile circuit is ready to compete with your desire for speed, fun and skill. The teams organize fun aperitif stops and also typical dinners in the refuge!



Enjoy ice skating in pairs or with the whole family!
In the area there are 3 skating rinks all beautiful and ready to make you live a wonderful day on the ice, the first one is in Ponte di Legno , at the ski lifts: a beautiful outdoor track that on sunny days allows you to skate enjoying the beautiful-panorama. The second track is located in Temù: it is located between the ski lifts and the football field and is a real covered ice rink that allows you to skate even in conditions of Bad weather. At Passo Tonale, finally, the third slope: an open-air track located along the road, in front of the ski slopes with 360° views of the mountains.



Do you like strong emotions?
Passo del Tonale is the ideal place to learn how to practice Snowkite safely.
Snow, wind and skill is what the winter version of kitesurfingis!
Here at Tonale you can find one of the few Italian snowkite schools.
and in recent years it has been the place of important competitions of the discipline!



Have you ever walked in the high snow through pristine and beautiful landscapes? Our Hotel offers trails dedicated to nature and emotion.
Weekly, however, alpine guides organize day and night group trips!
Snowshoes is dedicated to one of the most popular events of the Pontedilegno-Tonale area, the “Caspolada in the light of the moon”, a real jewel in the crown of Vezza d'Oglio, which in the recent years has reached more than 4,000 participants.

It consists of a non-competitive night walk that usually takes place between the end of January and the beginning of February on a lunapiena evening.
The enchanting scenery of the Alta Valle Camonica at night as you advance with the “snowshoes” at your feet on a path illuminated by the moon makes this sporting event a moment of great charm.



Become “musher” (sleigh conductors) for a day!
The Italian Sleddog School directed by Armen Khatchikian offers the possibility to carry out outings with sleds drawn by Siberian dogs, experiencing the thrills of walking around the area in the style of Nordic traditions.


Trying to learn

The ski school Ponte di Legno — Tonale is a historical school in the area, composed of expert and friendly staff; the instructors are available for ski, snowboard, freestyle, freeride, telemark lessons , background, with disabilities. You can also ask the instructors to guide you on free-ride excursions and ski safaris!

The school has free access to the Fantaski area, where the first steps of the little ones take place on skis;
lots of games and fun mascots will make your children's first snow experience unforgettable!
The teachers speak English, German, French, Belgian and Russian , and the courses can be organized individually or in a group .



You will find shops that offer various types of equipment for all types of snow sports.
You can also find various accessories, such as sledges, snowshoes, helmets and everything you need to live a fantastic experience.


SING, DANCING, Celebrate

Beer, Spritz, Music and Fun! Try the aperitif at high altitude surrounded by a fabulous natural scenario.There are numerous ski-bars at the bottom of the slopes where you can end your day on ski.Soon you will feel the desire to sing and dance I'm sorry.
If you want to enjoy the night there are no shortage of clubs:
there are discos and pubs that remain open until late at night!
TheMercedes Benz Bonera Ice Dome is anice theatre at 2,600 meters above sea level, with a capacity of 200 people, on the Presena Glacier, which will make you live an experience fantastic: a music festival on ice!
On Thursday there is theICE MUSIC ORCHESTRA, a line-up of 6 resident artists, with a musical repertoire ranging from classical to folk, from contemporary to original writings.
Saturday concerts (plus two Sunday events) will see the presence of valuable musical projects, from jazz to pop, from rock to traditional music .

From next New Year's Eve to the end of March, theICE MUSIC Festival offers a very nutritious calendar of concerts performed by world-famous artists.
The igloo is reachable thanks to the modern cable car that starts from the Passo del Tonale.

Every week there are four concerts:
- Thursdays at 15.00 and 16.30
- Saturdays at 16.00 and 18.00

“The entire Ice Music experience is unearthly” explains Tim Linhart. “Climbing a mountain at night is already quite adventurous.
Entering a concert hall inside an igloo is like entering a nightclub in paradise:
the ice orchestra and walls sparkle and shine, radiating the fluid colors of the rainbow ”.

And the sounds guaranteed by the ice instruments are unparalleled: “Ice is an unexpectedly different acoustic material” continues the artist “the term 'crystal' is an excellent description of the sound of ice: pure, transparent and defined. What is not expected are all the deep, harmonious, delicate, warm and intense sounds created by ice.”